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     Are you ready to move from your current state to a new state, or even a new town?  I know there are a lot of concerns with this decision, especially if you have children.   You don't want to relocate them away from their friends, or their current school.  What stress will that bring them?  How you handle the discussion  with your children on a move will make the world of difference, especially if they are older children.  Leaving them with the ability to keep open communication with their friends is a great start.  Let them know they may not be able to see their friends in person, but with face time, and all the other options available today, they will be able to see them and communicate with them daily.  Make it an adventure, help them learn how to share their new experiences with their friends by doing blogs (video blogs or written)  and their friends can keep them informed of all the events going on in their lives too.   Making this as positive and smoothly as possibly for them will help make it smoother for you.  

Though your children may be experiencing their stress, you helping them through can also help you through, simply by knowing they are okay.  Let's not forget the stress you will endure too. Not only moving and relocating away from your friends and family, but a job change, (moving to a new state) changing your license, making sure everything with the selection and purchase of your new home is smooth as possible  along with the many other concerns you may have weighing on you. Having the right people in your new state or town to help your transaction go smoothly and alleviate some of your stress for you, can be a great relief.  

Research the New state or Town you really would like to move to, and perhaps go visit and drive through first.  Choosing a realtor is not something to take lightly, you need to research the Realtor and the company you choose to go through to help you.  Speak with the Realtor that you'll be working with and ask any and all questions that go through your mind, and even share some of your concerns and stresses.  Most Realtors are very familiar with your concerns and already have plenty of ideas and truths about previous families they have helped.  Your Realtor will be very familiar with the town you are choosing and can help be your eyes and a great resource to help direct you regarding school choices, job availability in and around the moving area, locations for extra curricular activities, shopping and so much more.   You will know through your conversation if you are comfortable with your Realtor.  Building that connection is more important for you than it is for the Realtor. 

If you find yourself comfortable with the Realtor, but still feel a bit apprehensive about the true intentions of  your Realtor, ask for references.  Though I am a realtor and i firmly believe that my position is specifically to help my families feel comfortable and fully informed about their entire real estate venture. There are people that still have lost faith in  realtors due to possible negative comments from others poor experiences.  Do your research and talk to several Realtors until you are comfortable with every aspect.   This is about you and your family making a huge change, find a realtor that helps and supports all of you. 

If you are selling your home that you currently live in, you are most likely working with a Realtor already.  They are a great resource to help refer you to another Realtor at the location you desire to move to.

You don't have to try and do this on your own.  I am here to help you every step of the way.  

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